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Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd Part 4

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If you missed them, check out "Things to know before June 2" , "Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 2" and "Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 3."

Worship is the “tip of the sword” of making disciples on our campus. The
master plan is not focused on increasing our worship capacity but rather
adding to the quality of worship space and experience. This will make us
more relevant and will enhance the overall worship experience by the

  • Again…a highly visible and centrally located front door for all
    worshippers to enter.
  • The quality of our worship experience in the traditional sanctuary will be enhanced by the new direction of the sanctuary which will allow for fellowship in the new lobby, closer access to large restrooms, larger chancel area, lighting improvement, and acoustic upgrades.
  • The large new gathering area will encourage fellowship among all worshippers.
  • The larger chancel area will add space for our worship ministry (orchestra, chancel choir, sacraments, and preaching). As we prepare to grow our Sanctuary services, our current chancel area is maxed out. We are stepping on top of each other with a growing orchestra, large chancel choir, music teams, preparations for the sacraments of Holy
    Communion, preparing funerals, and the preaching space needed each week.
  • There is also an access problem in our current chancel area. Choir members stop singing in the choir because of mobility issues so the new chancel will allow more space and easier access.
  • In reversing the direction of the sanctuary, the problem of the glare will be alleviated by facing the Ascension stain glassed window of Jesus.
  • The Family Life Center worship space will also be enhanced with lighting and sound upgrades. Plans also call for new seating which will enhance the contemporary setting. Also, the new atrium/lobby will be a central gathering area everyone on campus and will be just steps away from the worship and family life center. As the fellowship area will be moved to the new lobby, that space will be freed up for additional seating capacity. This increase in seating capacity will be available in the future for both future growth and for larger church and community events.


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