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Things to Know Before June 2nd - Part 3

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If you missed them, check out "Things to know before June 2" and "Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 2."

  • The question was posed to me if we do not do anything with the Master Plan, what would we miss out on as a church? Obviously, with or without the Master Plan, we would continue to seek making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and to reach, teach, and send for Jesus. Yet…I do think we would miss out on an opportunity to take a major step as a congregation. Below are my four answers to this question: what would we miss if we did nothing with the Master Plan?
  •  We would let a wonderful opportunity pass. I am not afraid of Shalimar UMC stepping out and trusting God. My greatest fear would be holding back, waiting for a better time, and letting a wonderful opportunity pass. Will moving forward with the plans require something of us? Absolutely! Will our faith be stretched? I believe we will spend a few restless days wondering how it will all work out. In the end, I trust the journey of faith more than holding back and waiting. The time is now!
  • We would miss stepping out with God. God is able to do immeasurably more than we think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Why would we not want to step out and have the most influence as a church for the Kingdom! Why would we not want to step out in the mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ?
  • We would miss an opportunity to flourish. God wants the church not only to grow but to flourish (Psalm 91). This planning comes from abundant input throughout our Congregation. The numerous people involved in this process have been chasing God’s vision to fully become the church Shalimar United Methodist is meant to be. How can we be this church if we are not bold and step out?
  • We would miss an opportunity to step up and out when such a step is long overdue. We are ready for a big step forward. The Family Life Center was the last major building initiative and that was 25 years ago.

These are some of my thoughts as to what we will miss if we do not move forward with the Master Plan.

Hope to see you at worship this week and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers this Sunday! Check out the next post "Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 4."


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