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The Church is Imperfect People Seeking to be The People of God

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At Shalimar, in the coming weeks, we will be looking at how God can use imperfect people to do His perfect work in the world. This series will come from the Book of Esther. The Church, also by design, is made up of imperfect people seeking the perfect Will of God. In our quest to be the best church possible at Shalimar UMC, we live within this tension of imperfect people and strive for the perfect Will of God. We should not lose this perspective.

First, we the people of the church are not perfect.
 There are no perfect people, lay persons, pastors, or staff.
 We sometimes let our wants and desires detour us from the vision of God.
 We can be fully human and choose our own egos and pride instead of discipleship.
 We can be hypocritical and say one thing and do another.
 We can be careless with our tongue, hurt other people, and even our witness for Christ.
 We can become focused on the wrong things and miss opportunities to serve Christ and love others.

Second, in spite of our imperfections, there is good news God can use us for.
 The Church is of God. God’s Church will succeed in spite of our imperfections.
 God can transform our imperfections by Christ’s redemption.
 Our worst behavior can be transformed by the power of the Cross.
 God is not finished with His Church. There is still time to be the church and grow in the teachings of Christ.
 There is great opportunity to love others all the more in spite of imperfections and all.
 God can take an authentic and humble person and do mighty things through His Holy Spirit.

In closing, years ago, I came across this article from the McGhee Road Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama entitled “I Believe in the Church.”

“I Believe in the Church”

I believe in the church in spite of its imperfections. The church will never be perfect in this world. It is made up of people struggling to do God’s will – but people who are still human with their weaknesses and sin.

I believe in the church in spite of its limitations and struggles. Sometimes the church is hindered by lack of vision and commitment. But in spite of all of this, the church is the only agency in the world that provides a place where people can gather to worship God

I believe in the church because it is an agent of God’s Spirit – an instrument of the Eternal. It has changed through the years, and it will continue to change. It will make mistakes. But the church is still God’s chosen vessel for carrying on His work of redemption in the world.

May we, at Shalimar UMC, seek to be fully God’s Church! May we offer our imperfections for His perfect purpose in the world!


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