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Thank You, Lay Leaders and Staff

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The last few weeks have been very demanding on our lay leadership and staff and I just wanted to pause and say thank you! Thanks to our lay leadership and staff for phenomenal work around Shalimar UMC in the last few weeks! Already this month we have held our special Church Conference, Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp, begun Choir Tour, hosted ten worship services, a funeral and reception, and many other events and ministries. The vibrancy happens at Shalimar because of wonderful lay persons and staff.

Thank you Lay leadership and Lay chairpersons! You have devoted countless hours to the glory of God and the Church and we are grateful for volunteering in your roles. You do it all for the glory of God! We have experienced some tough challenges this month and I thank you for your Christian spirit through them. Bless you and thank you to all our chairpersons. Words are so inadequate to say thank you! We are and will be a stronger church because of you! I am amazed and thankful for each of you!

Let us pause to say thank you to all our staff as well. We have a wonderful staff! Our church has something significant going on all the time. Balls are always in the air so I thank you for juggling so many responsibilities. It is not always easy since Shalimar UMC never sleeps but because of you so much happens each day and week! Thank you Staff for all your hard and conscientious work and giving the glory to God!

Let us as a congregation be quick to thank our lay leadership for their countless hours of loyalty to Christ and the Church. Let us also thank our ministry, office, financial, and campus staff. They make so much happen each week! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people on staff! They go the second mile for the good of the church and we are so blessed right now to have them. Your work is not always easy and it was on my heart today to say thank you all!


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