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Thank you for your Cards, Prayers, and Concern

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For this Beacon update, I just wanted to thank the congregation for your many expressions of love and concern for Karen. Thank you for the abundant cards, meals, and constant concern during this unexpected time of dealing with and treating cancer. Over the last two and half months, we have been uplifted most of all by your prayers. We will be forever grateful for the daily expressions of encouragement that have poured out from the congregation of Shalimar United Methodist Church. We have learned there are extra layers of care in our congregation and Karen and I THANK YOU.

Karen has completed all of her daily chemo and radiation and will be home for several more weeks healing from the treatment. We are hopeful she will begin to feel better in a few weeks and will be able to resume all that she enjoys doing in the coming months. We continue to ask for your prayers that the treatment plan will bring healing to Karen. We are very hopeful the treatment plan, and most of all the Lord, will bring total healing to Karen in body, soul, and spirit.

My wife has been most remarkable in this journey. She has shown faith and courage every step of the way. I have been joking with her that she needs to be in the pulpit now as she has quite a story of trusting God through the unexpected and uncertain times of our lives! Karen has been so inspiring in these past difficult days. Her reflections about her journey have been both strong and profound. We have both been humbled and are more grateful than ever for the gift of every day! I am so proud of her and so blessed she is my wife.

Thanks again for your care and concern. Our congregation is really good at sending cards, prayers, and many acts of care. Thank you!


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