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Thank You for all Who Have Helped on Saturday Night

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As you likely know by now, we have a change to our worship schedule coming in October. The Break Free Saturday Night Service will conclude this week which means Saturday, September 28, will be our last service. When we begin worship in October, our weekly services will include only our four Sunday service times of 8am, 9:30am, 11:00am and 11:07am.

Let us pause to celebrate how the Break Free Service has touched lives for Jesus and brought inspiration to faithful attenders for over three years. We want to say thank you to God for all who have walked through our worship doors on Saturday Night. We pray those of you who preferred Saturday will find a home in one of our other four services as you continue to worship God through Shalimar UMC.

On behalf of the church, let me also offer thanks to the leadership team, volunteers, and all who have served so faithfully these last several years. Let us give thanks to our Break Free praise team members. We cannot express enough our appreciation for your dedication over the years. The volunteers behind the scenes worship, sound, media, and livestream have also been so faithful and loyal. We are grateful to everyone who has served! Thank you!

Our worship ministries associate, Ben Savage, needs our thanks and appreciation as well. Ben has been one of our most consistent leaders and built a team that has genuinely enjoyed being together. They often lead worship then spend time with each other at Saturday night meals. The closeness among this team has been one of the highlights of the Saturday Service.

Thank you, Brian Dale, for being one of the faithful primary preachers for this service. You have brought many inspiring messages and we are grateful. Thank you Faith Parry and Ron Morse for the many times you have also preached this service. On a personal note, the opportunity to preach on Saturday Night has always been a great way to start the weekend of worship and I will miss the simplicity of this experience.

In closing, thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have contributed prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness on Saturday night. Thanks be to God! Along the way people have come to know Christ and follow as a disciple through this service and it has brought many new members into the church. As we place the service on pause, may we also pause and give thanks to God for this season in the life of Shalimar United Methodist Church!


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