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Taste and See the Lord is Good

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My three year old grandson, Luke, was here for a visit two weeks ago and I took him to a store for a treat. He requested a sucker! When we got to the store, the choices were plenty and colorful. We stood there in awe by the number of choices. I asked Luke to select the one he wanted. Luke selected the one that caught his eye and we bought it and walked back home.

When we got back home Luke and I opened the sucker which was tightly packaged with great anticipation. As it turned, out it was not a sucker at all! What we had bought was a spray and it was sour! We both tasted it and the spray made us both say “yuk” with the most bitter look on our faces! What a disappointment! We both anticipated a delicious sucker and all we got was sour spray! Well, not to leave you hanging...Luke and I went right back to the store and selected a traditional yellow sucker which made us both very happy!

Life can be like this as well. We may expect to taste the goodness of each day. What happens when we are blindsided with the taste of “bitter spray?” When we experience something terrible, receive bad news, or face adverse circumstances, we have a choice. We can turn bitter or we can “push through” and seek God’s goodness in spite of the bitter taste.

In our lives, we are going to experience a wide range of good, bad, and challenging adventures. When we encounter the sour, we must seek God’s goodness instead of turning bitter. As a disciple of Jesus, we seek to journey through the hard times trusting God and finding the joy on the other side of them.

The Psalmist says it like this: “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him” (Psalm 34:8 NLT). In the bitter and sweet of life, the Lord can bring joy through all! Trust in Him!


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