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Heaven Questions

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Last Sunday, I shared the Heaven questions that I’ve heard through the
years. The messages during Lent will seek to answer many of these
questions. In case you missed them, here is a copy of my Heaven Questions
I have heard or read through the years.

  • Does Heaven really exist?
  •  What happens to me when I die?
  •  Will I recognize my loved ones?
  •  Will I be sad if a loved one does not go to Heaven?
  •  What about my pets?
  •  Does everyone go to Heaven?
  •  Is there a Hell?
  •  How can I be sure I’m going to Heaven?
  •  Will Heaven be immediate or when Jesus Comes Again?
  •  Is Jesus the only way to go to Heaven?
  •  What about those who lived before Jesus?
  •  What about other religions?
  •  What about those who never hear the good news of Jesus?
  •  What age will I be in Heaven?
  •  What kind of body will I have?
  •  What about babies that die?
  •  Where is Heaven? Is it a real place?
  •  Does it matter cremation or burial?Do you have questions about Heaven?

Please feel free to submit your questions about Heaven over the next few weeks and we will seek to answer them. Hope to see you in worship this Sunday as we hear more of what Jesus taught us of Heaven.


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