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Church Conference this Sunday

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Our called Church Conference convenes this Sunday at 10:30 AM. All
present professing members of Shalimar United Methodist Church have
a vote. We hope all members will plan to attend and participate in this
process. Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Tim Trent will preside.

Phase one of the Master Plan is still at the conceptual level and the next
step among many needed in the approval process. Our Master Planning
Team met and solicited input from our congregation for two years.
When they completed their work, a series of approvals followed. The
Master Plan has been approved by the Master Planning Committee,
Trustees, and Finance Committee, and in January, our Church Council
approved it by a 34 - 3 vote.

After the Church Council approval, we had the option to choose a
Charge Conference or a Church Conference for the next step. We opted
for a Church Conference which encourages broader participation and
gives all members a vote. Originally, we planned the Church Conference
for a March date. After some concerns were expressed to await
Haverty’s renewal in May, we decided to move Church Conference back
to June. One week ago, Haverty’s declared their intention to renew their
lease. Now, we move on to the next step in the approval process: a
Church Conference on June 2.

If approved on June 2 by the Church Conference, more formal steps will
follow later this year. This will include forming a Capital Campaign Team
and electing a Building Committee. The Building Committee will take the
concepts and begin the process of adopting formal building plans. The
final building plans will then need approval from the Building Committee,
Trustees, Finance Committee, Church Council, Pensacola District Board
of Church Location and Extensions, and another Charge or Church
Conference. As you can see, our called Church Conference is just one
step of many steps. Today, we bring before all members of our
congregation the next step.

May we seek the Lord and glorify Him in this process!

I hope to see everyone at the Church Conference this Sunday!


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