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First Baptism Weekend

Some may have thought I was a little bit, or a lot bit crazy when I shared that I wanted to have a baptism weekend with an open call for baptism at every service. Baptism is something that gets me truly excited in ministry. When the summer ended, and along with it our beach baptisms, I could imagine having to wait 9 months to do it again.

We decided to put this special service on Christ the King weekend, which is the last weekend of the Christian year. This year, it fell the weekend after Thanksgiving and before Advent. Normally, this is a low attendance Sunday. People are traveling for the holidays and Saturday was SEC rivalry game day. We moved forward and put the service in God's hands.

On top of doing something new, preaching on baptism, making an open call for baptism, we committed to finding an immersion tank to put in the Family Life Center so people could be immersions as an option for baptism. A big thanks to Crosspoint United Methodist Church, South Crestview for letting up borrow theirs.

Getting it set up and filled was an adventure, but it was beautiful, warm, and ready to be used Saturday night. We had 12 students go into the take Sunday night at FUSION.

We praise God, that by the end of the baptism weekend we, baptized 9 people, reaffirmed 14 people's baptisms, and welcomed 3 people into the church's family by membership. Four of those baptized were children, and 13 of those who participated were students.

Celebrate with us!

  • 8:00 Service
    • Jenny Shim - Reaffirmed
    • Pat Gross – Reaffirmed
    • Some names not listed
  •  11:00 Service
    • Aidan Rumph – Baptism
  • 11:07 Service
    • Katelyn Brewer – Joined
    • Liam Brewer- Baptized
    • Jackie Brewer- Joined
    • Lauren Segraves – Joined and Baptized
    • Elizabeth Peters – Reaffirmed
    • Coda Reid – Baptized
  • Fusion: 
    • Savannah Butler - Baptized
    • Alexis Willis - Batpized
    • Anna O’Neal - Reaffirmed
    • Aubrey Jacobs - Reaffirmed
    • Haylee Dubose - Reaffirmed
    • Malachi Santiago - Reaffirmed
    • Landin Breikhemer. - Reaffirmed
    • Gustavo Ramirez - Reaffirmed
    • Bella Montz - Reaffirmed
    • Angelle Leavelle - Reaffirmed
    • Nick Hollan - Reaffirmed
    • Jayden McLaughlin - Reaffirmed
    • Dion Olshfski - Reaffirmed

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Welcome New Members! July 2018

We are so excited to welcome new members into the Shalimar UMC family! These persons all attended our July Discover Shalimar class. What was really cool is that all the persons who joined at 8:00 attended the same Discover class. At the end of the class when they started talking about joining the church, they decided to wait for a Sunday when they could all join together. Only 3 of them knew each other before Discover Shalimar.

It's our goal that everyone can feel at home here at Shalimar UMC. No matter who you are, where you are from, what your life story is. This is a place where you can meet God and Grow in your faith. Join us for one of our next Discover Shalimar classes to learn how you can make Shalimar UMC your church home.

Joined July 29 by Transfer of Membership

  • Kim Friedlund - 8:00 Service
  • John & Shelia Gerdine - 8:00 Service
  • Joseph, Jennifer, & Lorenzo Guidoni - 8:00 Service
  • Tom & Carrie Woolpert - 8:00 Service
  • Moe & Colette Melanson - 9:30 Service

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Welcome New Members! June 2018

We are excited to welcome Kayla & Colton High and Michael Wilkins into membership of Shalimar UMC.

Kayla and Colton joined at the 11:00 service after Kayla's baptism at the beach on the 9th. Colton comes by transfer. They have only been attending Shalimar UMC a short while, but have quickly found it to be a place they feel at home.

Michael joined at 11:07 after his baptism at the beach, also on the 9th. He has been attending Shalimar UMC for quite a while. He told me that he has wanted to be apart of beach baptisms many times, but always thought about it after the fact. This time, God prompted him in time to come and be baptized. Once baptized, there was no doubt that he wanted to make his participation in Shalimar UMC official.

It is always a joy for us to welcome new people into membership. Our first goal of the church is to bring people into a relationship with Christ and help them profess their faith through baptism. Membership is a more in-depth step in Christian discipleship, promising to further God's Kingdom through the local congregation.

If you're interested in learning more about membership, or how to get involved in the church, please think about joining our Discover Shalimar class. You can check out our next classes here, or fill out this form for more information.




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