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A New Prayer and Healing Service Has Begun This Summer

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Our church has started something new this summer! We will hold our
second prayer and healing service July 14, at 12:30 in the sanctuary.
This service is for all who have a desire to receive the prayers of
others. If you are in need of healing, we invite you to come and have
others pray with you. What kind of prayers for healing will we pray for
at the service? We will read from the scriptures and pray for healing in
a wide variety of areas.

  • If you have a physical illness
  • If you want to give thanks for the healing God has already done
  • If you have a relationship issue and seek forgiveness and restoration
  • If you have a financial issue
  • If you have fear that a situation has overtaken you
  • If there is a stronghold in your life that needs defeating
  • If you are seeking God’s will and would like others to pray with you
  • If you are facing the fear of death
  • If your life is at a crossroad and you are seeking God’s direction
  • If your walk with Jesus is missing the joy

This service is to encourage everyone to be whole in body, mind, and
in spirit and these are just some examples of what can be prayed for.
Everyone is invited to come and pray, receive the prayers of others, or
just be present. We will claim the promise of Book of James “Is there
anyone of you in trouble? He should pray. Is there anyone happy? Let
him sing songs of praise. Is there anyone of you sick? He should call
the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in
the name of the Lord.” We hope you will attend and invite others to
participate as we pray for those who seek healing and wholeness in
their lives.

May God’s favor and blessings be on all of you this summer!


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