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144 is Coming Soon

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In just a little over two weeks, we will have a gathering of 144 persons seeking to grow as disciples. The number 144 is symbolic. However, more or less can participate. Our gathering will begin February 24 at 6 pm in the Family Life Center. For week one, we will worship then assemble into small groups.

The 144 groups have a shorter time table than the 12x12 groups but will still focus on discipleship and leadership. Each team of twelve will have a leader and co-leader. The 12 teams will decide a weekly meeting time and location. Around week six and twelve, all of the 144 will meet back together.

What will a regular meeting of 144 look like?
 We will have weekly God sightings to discuss how we’ve seen God’s glory during that time.
 We will study the Sermon on the Mount. Our discipleship focus will be the Gospel of Matthew chapters 5-7.
 The only cost will be for the books or kindle versions you purchase. We will learn together from three different books. Turn the Ship Around by David Marquet, Anatomy of Peace by the Abinger Institute, and The Great Omission by Dallas Willard.
 We will encourage each other to follow the dream God has placed in our hearts and learn about MAPS (Ministry Action Plans).
 We will draft a covenant for our group and each team will pen their own covenant.
 We will hold one another accountable in ways that individuals want to choose. It is totally up to you what you want others to help you with.
 We will pray for one another during the 12 week journey.

We are looking for 144 in our congregation ready to grow in their discipleship together during this season of Lent and move us to Pentecost Sunday!


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