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100 Reasons to Give Thanks to God This Thanksgiving

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2019 has brought many blessings, trials, challenges, and hopes and in all, God is so good! As I write this week’s Beacon article and prepare my list of 100 blessings for this year, I contemplate how the week of Thanksgiving is a great time to specify each one. Below, I will share a few of the 100 reasons I’m thankful this Thanksgiving.

  1. Grateful to the Lord for blessings seen and unseen! Expected and surprising things have come this year that has been both good and difficult. In all, God has been faithful and
    taught me.
  2. Grateful for the call into ministry now 44 years and counting.
  3. Grateful for my wife Karen now 34 years!
  4. So grateful for the doctors, staff, and health professionals who guided
    Karen through the treatment plan to fight and heal her cancer.
  5. Grateful for hundreds and thousands of prayers that have gone up for Karen!
  6. Thankful for the abundant cards, meals, gifts, concern, and prayers from our congregation at Shalimar UMC-Some of you really stepped up to help walk with Karen! Thank you!
  7. Grateful for my three daughters (Mallory, Brooke, and Haley), two sons-in-law (Brian and Matt), and my grandson (Luke) that really stepped up in love and support this year.
  8. Grateful for my daughter Haley’s engagement to her now fiancé Marlin Morin.
  9. Grateful for our lay leadership at Shalimar UMC for their perseverance and love of God and the Church.
  10. Especially grateful to our Lead Team of 2019, chairpersons, and administrative teams-Many of you offered your whole self to the Lord and Church in 2019. Thank you!
  11. Grateful to our staff who shares ministry at Shalimar UMC each day and has gone the extra mile with work, understanding, and patience this year.
  12. Grateful for my critics as sometimes they are right and it leads me to new insight and humbles me to faithful prayer.
  13. Grateful for those who build others up, encourage, and serve others at the “drop of a hat.”
  14. Grateful for the many gifts and kind thoughts during pastor appreciation month!
  15. Let me also say I am grateful for the other pastors I serve with at Shalimar UMC!
  16. Grateful for those living as disciples and who are helping to make disciples such as the 12x12 team.
  17. Grateful for all those in Shalimar United Methodist Church who are so faithful in living their membership vows of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

As I prepare this list, my spirit of gratitude gets a positive jolt. If you have never listed your blessings, you might try it and find inspiration as well. My number of blessings never ends.


What a wonderful time of year to give thanks to God!

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