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10 Days and Counting for 144

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We’re down to 10 days and counting until the first gathering of 144! Are you ready to grow in your discipleship and leadership? Are you one of the 144? We will launch 144 in the Family Life Center on February 24th at 6pm and continue for 12 weeks. We will have 144 places prepared and more if needed!

I’d like to remind everyone that 144 is a theoretical number and more or less people can participate. We welcome all who want to grow in their discipleship of Jesus Christ. Each group will consist of a team leader and co-team leader. The size of each group will be twelve persons which will allow everyone to share the journey together.

Team leaders will decide the day, time of week, and location of meetings. Location can be anywhere the group prefers. They can be on church campus, private homes, or any place. We already have a Niceville location and other geographically convenient groups can be added as needed.

During these meetings, we will share God sightings and draw from the teachings of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7). We will read Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute, Turn the Ship Around by Dave Marquet, and The Great Omission by Dallas Willard. We will build a covenant that speaks to what will make our teams successful. We will share our dreams and how we sense God leads us to use our gifts through a MAP exercise. A MAP stands for Ministry Action Plan. Each week will offer a variety of teaching and sharing to learn, love, and lead together.

Are you one of the 144? My reason for writing about this is encourage you to participate. This will be our Lenten focus as a church and it will extend to Pentecost. I am as excited about the launch of 144 as anything else we have done in recent years at Shalimar! Come and be a part of this brand new discipleship making system which will be unique to our church! Our spirits will be inspired each week with Ephesians 3:20 “God is able to do immeasurably more than we think or imagine!” This will be our key focus verse for 12 weeks!

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