Food Drive

Food Drive

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM





Food Drive 


Drop-off Mon, Wed, Fri: 9-11:00am

Food Pick Up at FLC: 10:30-11:30am 

Food Pick Up at Shalimar Ball Field: 11:30-12:30pm


Since the quarantine has begun, we at Shalimar UMC have been working to find the best ways to help people in need. We want to supplement their efforts, not compete with them for resources.

Here are some food items that Sharing and Caring has requested:
-Canned fruit
-Rice 1-5 lb. bags
-Pork and beans
-Canned meat (chicken or beef)
-Pork and beans
-Ramen noodles
-Peanut Butter
-Personal care items including toilet paper, diapers, tissues


THANK YOU!!! With your help, we've served so many in our community.

Total for 1st Month, (Four weeks)
1310 bags collected Over 3 Tons of Food, collected and distributed
885 bags given out FLC and Shalimar
425 bags to Sharing and Caring
53 gift cards given out $1850.00
Over 135 families benefited

Week Four Numbers
300- Total bags of groceries collected
105 - Bags given out at SUMC
95 - Bags given out at Shalimar Ball Field
0 - Bags to Sharing and Caring (they are full)
20 - Gift cards given out
80 - Families served

Week Three Numbers
565- Total bags of groceries collected
170 - Bags given out at SUMC
170 - Bags given out at Shalimar Ball Field
225 - Bags to Sharing and Caring
2 - Gift cards given out
45 - Families served

Week Two Numbers
320- Total bags of groceries collected
110 - Bags given out at SUMC
110 - Bags given out at Shalimar Ball Field (Started Wed)
100 - Bags to Sharing and Caring
15 - Gift cards given out
55 - Families served

Week One Numbers
225 bags collected
125 bags given out
100 Bags Sharing and Caring
11 gift cards given out
215 Families Served

Let’s all work together to the glory of God and be a source of hope for those in need!  Thank you for your support.
The Mission/Outreach TEAM

Learn more about our Missions team click here.

Thank You

What a response to help the needy in our neighborhood! To date we have collected over 700 bags of food through your generosity! Those bags have gone to help folks in our congregation, folks in our Shalimar community and Sharing and Caring! As a reminder we collect donations from 9-11 in front of the FLC on MWF.  We start passing our food from 10:30-11:30 at the same location, then we go to the Ballfield in Shalimar for another hour to pass out to the community.  The next day we take the remaining items to Sharing and Caring!

One recipient was so impressed in what Shalimar was doing, he comes everyday to help collect and had out bags of food to the needy!

In addition to food items we have given out over $1200 in Gift cards for milk, vegetables, fruit, etc. Please keep up the good work we will continue the program until the need is no longer there!
Bless you all!

Volunteers Pete Peters and Bill McBroom stop at the Shalimar fields
with the days food donations to help the neighbors
before heading to Sharing & Caring

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