Pursuing: 21 Days of Worship, Prayer & Fasting - Weekdays

Pursuing: 21 Days of Worship, Prayer & Fasting - Weekdays

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from 01/06/2020 to 01/25/2020, 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM


Our theme for our 21 days in 2020 is Pursuing. The Holy Spirit pursues us from the moment of our birth. It is this preemptive work of the Holy Spirit that leads us to pursue God. As we study the Gospel of John, we will be looking at the passages through the book the Holy Spirit moved during Christ's ministry, how God pursed people, and where people pursued God. I challenge you to keep this idea in your mind as you fast, pray, and worship over these next three weeks. Look for places that God is seeking you and be actively seeking God.


We will be meeting for worship in our Sanctuary: Monday-Friday at 6:00 am and Saturday at 9:00 am. The worship will include praise, witness, a short message, and prayer, allowing you to get to work and school. These services will be family-friendly, so feel free to bring your children along and show them what it means to put God first.

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