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The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a world wide organization designed to help in times of disaster. They work with government agencies as soon as tragedy strikes.

Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence have caused devastation, just weeks apart from each other. UMCOR is actively assessing the areas affected and  beginning work. They have asked that:


those wishing to provide assistance to please do not self-deploy or donate unsolicited items.

Click Here for Assistance Numbers



Our pastors have been writing as the storm as hit and the church has been responding. Click below to see the different blog articles from Pastor Philip, Pastor Brian, and Pastor Faith.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all our neighbors impacted by the destruction of this powerful hurricane. We will be learning and assessing in the coming days how we can be of most help to all victims of destruction. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to give a special offering to help with relief of Hurricane Michael. -Pastor Philip

Hurricane Michael by Pastor Philip (Published Oct 18, 2018)


The Church Responds by Pastor Faith (Published Oct 18, 2018)


Quick Updates From a Most Unusual Week by Pastor Philip (Published Oct 12, 2018)


Hurricane Michael was a Doozy! Here’s what you can do by Pastor Brian (Published Oct 11, 2018)


Pray for All of Those Effected and Those Helping

Prayer Focus

For Those Affected by The Storm

Lord, we ask your peace to be with those who have been affected by the Hurricane. Allow them to feel your presence with them in the wake of this tragedy. You are greater than all things, Almighty God. As they return to their homes and they witness the destructive forces of the wind and rain, let me feel your presence with them. As they work alongside their neighbors, give them peace. Amen.

Lord, we ask your comfort for those who have lost loved ones in the storm. We can rebuild homes, but we cannot rebuild their lives. Bring them peace in the weeks and months to come. Allow them to feel your presence with them during these dark days and bring a person of peace into their lives. Amen.

For Our First Responders and volunteers

Lord, we thank you for the special call you have given to the men and women that service as first responders: our National Guard, Reserves, Fireman, Police, Paramedics, Lineman, Nurses, EMT, road crew, civil servants, and countless others. They are the ones who stay so they can protect others. They are the ones who are keeping the peace, getting people out of danger, and leaving their families to help strangers. Send your Spirit upon them so they will be strong as the hours are long. Keep them safe as they go into dangerous situations. Amen.

Request Prayer

Should you or someone you know need prayer, email Rev. Ashley Davis,  AWF Director of Connectional Ministries. She will then deliver them to the conference Spiritual Directors team, who will pray over all requests. 


How You Can Help Those Who Have Been Impacted


Our conference communicated October 11th saying, "At this time, monetary donations are crucial to the recovery efforts." UMCOR has already given a $10,000 grant to buy gift cards for the pastors in the effected areas to distribute. These gift cards are for gasoline, building supplies, and other necessary items.

You can donation to the relief efforts with confidence because 100% OF YOUR DONATION will go to the hurricane victims.

Ways to give:

• Make check payable to SUMC and mark in the memo line UMCOR.
Give online. Select MISCELLANEOUS then comment UMCOR in the comment line.
• Give at a KIOSK at services this weekend. Select donations then UMCOR.

Things to Donate

On September 20, UMCOR called for the following items. We are a drop-off location for these items.

Please do not drop off the items without scheduling a drop-off.

Drop-off is at our Cross Corner property, 2 Meigs Dr. To schedule a drop off, please call the office, 850-651-0721. Our office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-4:00pm and Friday 8:00am-12:00pm.

Relief Kits

UMCOR called for cleaning kits (flood buckets) and Hygiene kits after Hurricane Florence. These kits are very helpful after storms. UMCOR has specific instructions on what to put in each kit and how to assemble.

Cleaning Kit (Flood Buckets) - $75 Value

Click Here to view the list of items to go into the bucket.

Hygiene Kits - $12 Value

Click Here to view the list of items to go into the bucket. UMCOR asks that you do not place any toothpaste in the kits for storage purposes. Instead they ask for $2. You can put that in a check made out to SUMC, with a memo to UMCOR Health Kit.

Muck Out Supplies

• Flat-Bladed Shovels
Pump Sprayers
Box Fans
Extension Cords


Early Response Teams Training

Become ERT Certified

Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

To register to participate, contact the Pace UMC church office at 850-994-5608 or Email the Pensacola District. The cost will be $20, which will include lunch and your materials.

What is ERT?

When disaster strikes, the local church usually provides the first response to members of the congregation in need. This basic understanding—that disaster response is local—helps form a foundation for UMCOR’s national training and response. UMCOR equips United Methodists to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters, supporting conference and church ministries on disaster response so that they can be the hands and feet of Christ in a hurting world.

Early Response Teams (ERTs) fill a specific need in the early days after a disaster to clean out flood-damaged homes, remove debris, place tarps on homes, and otherwise help to prevent further damage while providing a caring Christian presence.

ERTs are not a first-response group of emergency workers, nor are they recovery, rebuild, or repair teams. Under very specific guidelines, ERTs assist survivors, without causing further harm or being a burden to the affected community. ERTs require an invitation to travel to another district, conference, or jurisdiction. Participating ERTs are encouraged to wear bright green t-shirts as a means of recognition.


ERT Training Opportunities

All ERT members are trained by authorized UMCOR trainers and are given identification badges as evidence of successful completion of the basic class. 

Basic ERT Member Training (6 hours)

Participants learn the basics of disaster response, including how to stabilize and secure homes safely, and how to work effectively with survivors and others on the response team. This standardized class is required for the basic ERT UMCOR identification badge.