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Written in Red: Resurrection

Throughout scripture, Jesus uses cups as examples: he gave a cup of cold water, the disciples were encouraged to share in the cup of suffering, he passed the cup of the new covenant, and he asked God if the cup could pass at the Garden of Gethsemane.
In light of Holy Week, stop and take a moment and reflect on the representative cups that Jesus partook in during the week.
The Cup of Praise - Palm Sunday
- Read John 12:12-13.
- How did Jesus carry the cup of praise?
- How do we participate in this cup today?

The Cup of Betrayal
- Read Luke 22:1-6, 21-23.
- How did Jesus later respond to the cup of Betrayal?
- How does this cup affect our spiritual lives today?

The Cup of Remembrance - Maundy Thursday
- Read Luke 22:15-20.
- What was Jesus trying to convey when he passed the cup of Remembrance?
- What do we remember today when we participate in it?

The Empty Cup - Good Friday & Holy Saturday
- Read Matthew 27:25-28, 45-51.
- How was Christ's full love the means of emptying himself?
- How do we join him in emptying ourselves today?
- What happened on earth on Saturday while he lay in the grave?

Cup of Resurrection - Easter Sunday
- Read Mark 16:1-7.
- How did this moment affect the women?
- What did Christ change about the world when he passed us this cup?

Adapted from Lilly Lewin's Article "Your Cup: A Prayer Tool for Holy Week."

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