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Upcoming Events This Week

Our Bishop, David Graves, will be leading a town hall meeting for the Pensacola District this Sunday, October 7th. The event will be held at 3:00 pm and hosted by Navarre United Methodist Church. This event is important. I’m asking those of you concerned about the upcoming General Conference to attend. I will also be attending and will look forward to hearing from our Resident Bishop. The Town Hall meeting is open to all. My hope is attending this session will lessen some of the anxiety about the upcoming General Conference in St. Louis in February. There is additional information about the Town Hall meeting preparation that you can access at www.awfumc.org.

As we approach General Conference, we are facing some other unknowns
about the future. We are preparing to initiate the beginning phase of our Master Plan in 2019. Our church is anticipating a capital campaign also in 2019. It is not by chance that we are preaching about the Red Sea Rules which teach us to trust God and continue going forward in times of uncertainty. We seek not to go backward, be lost in confusion, be stuck, but rather to go FORWARD trusting God with the future. The Red Sea Rules and other Biblical teachings, prayer and fasting and our recent Alive at Shalimar event, all are preparing us for the future.

Our church has both challenges and opportunities ahead. I look forward to
journeying with you through this time. Historically, the church has always risen up in times of challenge. In my heart, this is what I sense is going to happen in the next year. We will emerge even more Biblical and Discipleship focused. Our church in the midst of the challenges is being blown forward by fresh breezes of the Holy Spirit. I fully expect this to be a great time for the church.

Please remember to offer your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness in such times. The level of our commitment, discipleship, and leadership ultimately determine how far we can go as a church. In anticipation, some of you are ready to be more involved, so I will be forming a third year of 12x12 in January. Let me know if you are interested!


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