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The Great Legacy of Scouting

One of my wonderful childhood memories occurred in Farragut State
Park, Idaho across the continent from my home in Huntsville, Alabama.
There, during one of the massive assemblies of the National Scout
Jamboree, I had the privilege of meeting a woman named Olave St. Claire
Baden-Powell, more commonly known as the Lady Baden-Powell. She
was the widow of the famous founder of the Scouting movement, Lord
Robert Baden-Powell. Amidst a sea of olive green uniforms adorned with
colorful badges, she shook my hand in the traditional Scout manner and
handed me a little green marble with a golden band that read, “Do unto
others as you would have them do unto you.” It was a small gesture on
her part, and even at her advanced age, she never tired of influencing
young boys.

The Scouting movement has continued its tradition of shaping men and
women into adult leaders of integrity for over 100 years. Popcorn and
cookie sales aside, scouting is still one of the finest organizations I have
ever been associated with. The Eagle Scouts have risen to ranks of
leadership that truly distinguish themselves: many corporate and
institutional leaders, everyone who ever set foot on the moon, and even
one U.S. president to name a few. Although only 1 percent of U.S. men
are Eagle Scouts, more than 6 percent of the 444 men in the 112th
Congress earned the rank.

Shalimar UMC has its own proud heritage of Scouting. During 52 years of
chartering Troop 529, they have produced 61 Eagle scouts and have
served in excess of 1,000 boys and young men. We also sponsor Venture
Crew 529. This year, Boy Scouts of America changed its name to Scouting
BSA and changed their chartering bylaws to also allow for all-girl troops.
Shalimar UMC is now the proud sponsor of all-girl troop 5529 (the number
is not yet officially assigned). These girls and young women will have
the opportunity to participate in the same outdoor activities, work for the
same merit badges, and attain the same ranks as the boys troop.
Additionally, we have just assumed sponsorship of the Longwood
Elementary School Cub Scout pack, and they will be meeting at our Scout
Hut as well. This rounds out our Scout sponsorship very well.

If you would like to find a place for your young man or lady, we would
love for them to join us. I hope it is as formative for them as it has been
for me.

Pastor Brian

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