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The Farmer Said It’s Always Cold Just Before Easter

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Over thirty years ago, I lived in a parsonage on a dairy farm where the cows would wake me with their mooing most every day. The farmers taught me a lot about life on a dairy farm and I learned at least two lessons while living there.

One day, I saw a fence was down and I went out frantically searching for Farmer Earnest to let him know so his cows would not escape. I finally found him and he thanked me. Several days later, I saw the fence still on the ground unrepaired. I worried even more that the cows would find the opening and escape so I asked Earnest at church the next Sunday “are you not worried about your cows getting out?” “NO,” he responded. I asked why not and he said “I feed them and they know I will feed them!” The lesson from a farmer is feed your cows! Does this have application in the church? Absolutely! Preach the good news about Jesus! We need to feed our sheep with the teachings of Jesus! This was lesson one.

While serving this farm community, I attended Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta. I learned the date of Easter was set by the first full moon after the beginning of spring. This means the date of Easter varies each year. It can be as early as March 22 or as late as April 25. Sometime later, a farmer told me it always gets cold just before Easter. In an effort to dazzle him, I said not necessarily as it all depends on whether Easter falls earlier or later in spring. The farmer was unimpressed with my knowledge repeating, “It always get cold before Easter!”

Well, about thirty years have come and gone since that conversation and I must admit no matter when it falls on the calendar, it does always seem to get cold just before Easter. The farmer was right. What did I know? Lesson two was that it always gets cold just before Easter.

What is the spiritual message of it always getting cold before Easter? Well, each year, our faith can get cold. Life circumstances can drag us down into the chilly winds of despair. What do we need to take off the chill from our soul? We need the warm message of resurrection, victory, and hope!

According to the farmer “It is always cold just before Easter.” If our soul has grown cold, there is good news. There is a radiant warm front coming soon! I look forward to warming our souls together as we move through Holy Week and Easter!


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