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The Book of James | Faith: In Action

Putting our faith in action isn't an easy thing. It's one thing to say we believe in Christ, and we love others as Christ loves, but it's an entirely different thing to act those words out. This is what James 2 is all about. James is pushing us to go deeper with standing behind the words in which we have faith.

Read James 2:1-13.
 Focusing on 2-3, how have you seen Christians act like this?
 Have you ever done this without realizing it?
 How can we help equalize the poor and the rich within the body of Shalimar UMC?
 Reread 12-13. How have you shown mercy to someone this past week?
 How could we be more merciful in our lives to others?

Read James 2:14-26.
 Based on 14-15, what does faith in action mean to you?
 When was the last time you saw someone in the church or outside it in need, and stopped to help? Do you even notice those in need?
 Reflect on 21-24. Also see Genesis 22:1-19, 15:6. How did Abraham prove that he had more than faith in God? What can we take away from Abraham's actions?
 Reflect on 25-26. Also see Joshua 2. How did Joshua and Rahab prove their faith in God with their actions? What can we learn from both of them?
 How can you, this week, be sure that your faith is not dead?

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