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Thank you Volunteers

the last four weeks have been an amazing month of worship at Shalimar United Methodist Church. We hosted 9 worship services on Christmas Eve weekend. We entered the New Year with 21 days of worship planned each day for our congregation. All in all, when we gather for worship this Sunday we would have hosted 41 worship services in 30 days. Amazing! Even more amazing is the spirit of so many wonderful volunteers making these services possible. Many who have served early in the morning and late at night  I would like to thank them. 

  • Thank you to all those wonderful volunteers for our children’s worship service Christmas Eve!
  • Thank you for all those volunteers for our traditional services for Christmas Eve!
  • Thank you for all those who volunteered for the late Christmas Eve 11:07 pm service!
  • Thank you for all those who have been so indispensable in volunteering for our Awakening services. Imagine waking at 4:00 am to sing, help with AV, bring coffee and special tasks!
  • Thank you to all those who shared their testimony during the 21 days. Our congregation has been inspired and your words continue to inspire!
  • Thank you for all our worship team that does so much in our normal Saturday and Sunday services. It takes an army of volunteers and we thank you! Our shuttle drivers have even braved the cold!    
  • 41 worship services in 30 days! Thank you all who helped in any way!

 Thank you to the other pastors on staff! Brad found another gear in worship planning and Ben Savage also made so much happen. Brian preached our late Christmas Eve service when our plans did not go as expected. Faith has been contributing greatly this month with extra worship planning and social media. Pat Brantley who has been indispensable in a new worship assistant role. We are so grateful to Darla and her planning events for our whole campus. Julie is fabulous with all of our printed programs and web site. Dawn and Jen have jumped in quickly with our children’s ministry leadership. Jonathan Lefler while leaving has been productive too. We had over 300 students on campus last Sunday Night. Our whole staff is amazing!  We have such great administrative support and custodial support for each worship service.

Thank you staff for your diligence in making so much happen in such a short time. All in all, over 6000 people have entered worship in the last month through the doors of Shalimar United Methodist Church.  We have proclaimed the good news!  To God be the glory! What an incredible way to begin the New Year!


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