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Six Priorities Identified By Our Staff

We have a great staff! Our staff spent a day together prior to our Fall Season and identified six areas that we will focus on the next year. Each week we spend some time at staff meeting keeping these priorities in front of us as we plan. Our goal is to seek progress with each of the priorities until they become realities. We will need the partnership with our congregation and lay leadership as we move forward. What are the six priorities identified?

First, we seek to grow in COMMUNICATIONS. Effective communication is crucial! What worked for a church 10 years ago is no longer effective with communications. We seek a church website that promotes the best we offer as a church and is huge for reaching first time visitors. (Most people visit websites before they actually visit a church.) As a result, we are moving forward with a strategy to make the Website relevant with today and promote the best of Shalimar! Progress is being made and can be seen at www.Shalimar-umc.org.

Second, we seek to grow a DISCIPLESHIP CULTURE in our church. There is nothing that prepares a church for the future more than making disciples now. We already have identified small group studies through the Summer of 2018. In addition, new teams will emerge out of 12x12 and a new 12x12 team is forming soon. We are also seeking around 40 people in our congregation to pray and fast together leading up to Thanksgiving. Plans are also under way to spend the first 21 days of 2018 with a daily 6 AM worship and prayer service. This priority is on the move.

Third, we seek to develop a culture for expanding VOLUNTEERISM in the church. People are our greatest resources. We seek to build and expand on the wonderful volunteer base currently at Shalimar. We have wonderful volunteers! We seek a more strategic plan for developing a culture of volunteers.

Fourth, we are seeking to bolster up the HOSPITALITY on our church campus. We have pockets of hospitality now and we seek to expand and be more intentional in every aspect of Shalimar UMC life. One plan would call for new hospitality teams to form for each of our five worship services. Ideas are still flowing on this idea of bolstering hospitality. Perhaps you have ideas or are willing to help! We welcome our congregation’s full participation as we plan this ministry of HOSPITALITY! Everyone has a role in hospitality and offering a warm Shalimar UMC welcome!

Fifth, we seek to be open to the planning of GROWING RESOURCES for the upcoming opportunities of Shalimar UMC. God always has provision for His vision. We know our Master Planning Team, Finance Team, and Stewardship Team are identifying plans that will require resources. We seek to work with our church in developing resources and living with faith stewardship for future development and growth.

Sixth, we seek to work in step with the MASTER’S PLANNING COMMITTEE and help implement whatever work emerges. As master planning proceeds, this will obviously impact the work of staff. We want to offer ourselves as a staff to help make this master planning season the most fruitful in the history of Shalimar UMC! Notice an apostrophe and “S” has been added to the team…The MASTER’S PLAN. I really like the idea from Basil Bethea!

Let us all be in prayer for these priorities! Perhaps you can help in one of these areas. Our work is only