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Save the Dates

Shalimar United Methodist Church is now moving into its sixty-seventh year! These are exciting times! We have both great opportunities and we have great challenges immediately ahead! Our future success will not be easy but we serve a big God and He is able. In this pivotal time in our church’s history, I believe our church will increase our faith and witness amazing acts of our Lord in such a time as this. One of my favorite passages to lift before Shalimar is Ephesians 3:20, “God is able to do more than we think or imagine.” These are times to keep this passage in front of us!

The doors are opening for future expansion at Shalimar UMC. What is the Lord up to right now? Already this year, the Lord opened the path to purchase the Presbyterian Church next door. What will be the Kingdom purpose for this addition? How will the Master Planning of the last two years open doors seen and unseen to fulfill our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ? How will the coming decades of Shalimar UMC be shaped by the opportunity of the Haverty’s property? As a church, we have some wonderful options for future planning. We are like the Church described in the Book of Revelation known as Philadelphia. We have an open door of opportunity before us to advance the Kingdom! God is able to do more than we think or imagine!

Opportunities also bring challenges. Shalimar UMC has challenges. Challenges either bring out the best or the worst in people. In our case, I believe our upcoming challenges will bring out the very best in Shalimar United Methodist Church! God is able to do more than we think or imagine!

One of the challenges will be prioritizing the immediate plans. We do serve a God who can do anything but we are not called to try to do everything at once. We will need to pray and fast about decisions that will impact the next decades of ministry for Shalimar UMC. God is able to do more than we think or imagine!

As your Lead Pastor, I must say we will be at our best when we focus on God’s awesome power, not limit the church to what we as people can concoct. God is able to do more than we think or imagine!

We will plan to rise and meet every challenge that comes our way. We will rise to any financial challenges! As God enlightens us, we will navigate through any uncertainty with certainty regarding upcoming issues such as General Conference in February of 2019. We have voices clambering that the church is out of step with the times and the church has no future! I do not believe this for one minute! It is in such times that the church rises up to meet the needs of a new generation. The teachings of the Scriptures contains the words for all those who thirst, hunger for meaning, and hold the keys to life! These times we are living are great times for the Church and Shalimar United Methodist Church! God can do more than we imagine!

I am confident that Shalimar United Methodist Church will be stronger one year from now than today! Why? In the words of Jesus, “We will be about our Father’s business.” We will heighten our resolve to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Not only will we continue to reach, teach, and send in the Name of Jesus Christ we will do so more simply, nimbly, and swiftly in the coming days! God is able to do more than we imagine!

The best days for Shalimar United Methodist Church are ahead of us! How am I so sure? In the upcoming month we will be taking our game plan right out of the pages of the Book of Acts. We will hear the story of the explosive growth of the Early Church! We will be placing this plan in our playbook at Shalimar. God can do more than we imagine!

In preparation for the upcoming series from Acts, I am asking our entire congregation to save the dates August 4/5 to September 8/9 to be present for six weekends of worship. Please plan on being in worship unless prevented. Let us be in prayer and also fast for these upcoming weeks of revival, renewal, and expanding our church to reach our community. We will be learning about deeds of shalom. As we gather, we will be seeking to put our faith into action. We will be participating with our God Who is able to do more than we think or imagine!


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