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Ron Gross Crosses

Ron and Pat Gross have been apart of Shalimar UMC for many years. What man people may not know is in August of 2016, Ron and Pat were visiting a small United Methodist Church in Lake Ouachita, Arkansas while making another trip in their motor home. While there, someone gave Ron a cross, off his neck and said, "It's our tradition to give one of these to every person who comes to our church."

Ron now makes these crosses as part of his personal mission to our church and our community. He makes about 125 a week. On May 12, 2018, the North-West Florida Daily News did an article about Ron and his cross making ministry.

Here are Shalimar, Ron and Pat are just two of many who give their time and talents to serve our church. Ron makes his crosses for ever guest that attends our church, so that I can give them away in our gift bags on Sunday morning. His cross made me feel apart of this congregation right away, and it is the way we want to show others that we want them to feel at home.

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