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Like a Child - My God Forgives Me

Most of us say that God forgives us, but there is usually something in our life that we just can't let go of. Even more so, there is usually something that in our hearts, we believe is too much for God to forgive and forget. The older we get, the harder it is for us to forgive, therefore it's harder for us to accept that God will forgive. Children are much easier to forgive though. That's our lesson from Mark 10:15 this week. We have to remember how to forgive as a child does.

 Read 1 John 1:9.

  • Do you believe that God is willing to forgive anything if you ask him to?
  • Is there something you've held back from God because you don't want him to forgive you?
  • How have you been affected by someone granting you forgiveness when you didn't expect it or deserve it?

Read Isaiah 43:16-25.

  • How do you feel knowing God wants to blot out your sins?
  • Can you start new just as God does, never remembering your sins again?
  • How can you transform someone else's life by helping them put their sins behind them?

This Week:
What’s one thing you will do this week as a result of something you learned from this message?

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