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Keys to the Kingdom: Unlocking the Future of our Church | Offering Jesus

Worship and prayer was the center of the Jewish life and the early Christian
community. Peter and John were having a normal day, seeking worship in the Temple when they
noticed someone who was unable to worship because he was set apart from the Jewish
community due to his physical disabilities.

Read Acts 3:1-3.
• What do you picture, as the scene is set for Peter and John's arrival?

• How is this like your days entering worship?

• Have you ever noticed who is along your path from home to church?

Read Acts 3:4-6.
• What did the man desire from them? What did they give?

• What do people around us in need desire from us?

• How can we offer them Jesus Christ?

Read Acts 3:7-8.
• Who in your life needs to be lifted up like the lame man?

• How can you lift them?

• What are some ways you can help them stand, walk, and leap?

Read Acts 9-11.
• When have you seen someone respond with this kind of joy to someone's kindness?

• What can you do this week to love someone as Peter loved?

As you go through your week, pray and ask God to show you who you need to build a
relationship with. Seek moments to bring peace into their lives, loving them as God
loves them. Be a friend to someone who needs one,
up so they can leap.

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