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This week we focus on the “GROW” part of the phrase with our WILL YOU
GROW campaign. God does not give us life to become static but rather to
grow. We are challenging everyone in our congregation to grow! Our capacity to grow never ends. We are never too young or old to grow. There are endless frontiers to grow as a person in knowledge, wisdom, and love. In the spiritual life, we are seeking to be more like Jesus. We seek to GROW in our discipleship and His teachings. We, as a church, seek to grow in REACH,
TEACH, and SEND in both numbers of people impacted and disciples made
through our church.

One other important area to never grow complacent is to grow in generosity. Growing in generosity helps you grow both individually and as a disciple. In addition, we have a need in our heart to give. All of us growing in our generosity helps the church flourish! Our WILL YOU GROW campaign is challenging us all to grow in our giving for the Lord!

Over the past 33 years, Karen and I have grown in our giving. We have learned and experienced God’s blessings early in our marriage, when we began tithing (10% of our total income). As a pastor of a brand new church start, I witnessed first-hand not only the personal blessings of tithing but also how the church grew as the entire church grew in generosity.

This year Karen and I have had our conversation and are committing to
increasing our weekly giving for 2019. We already give more than 10% of our total income. In preparation for 2019 we will increase our weekly generosity and take another step forward. Karen and I will grow and we invite each of you to grow as well.

Finally, I would ask you to take a moment and think about the reasons we have to give thanks to God. As we continue WILL YOU GROW, take a few moments and reflect on how God has blessed you. Our generosity will grow as our gratitude grows. God has blessed us and we cannot out give God! May our gratitude lead the way of our generosity!


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