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Good Things Happening at SUMC as We Begin 2018

Good Things Happening at Shalimar UMC as We Begin 2018

We begin 2018 with wonderful happenings going on throughout our church!  Our 21 days of worship, prayer, and fasting are off to a great start! We finished 2017 on a very high note. We look forward with hope to God’s leading in the New Year 2018!

Our 21 days of worship have begun this week. The 6:00 am services have been well attended even in the bitter cold this week. The energy and inspiration for these services has been phenomenal. One of the highlights has been beginning each day with a witness from one of our lay people. What powerful and transformational witnesses we are hearing! We also appreciate a wonderful praise team providing inspiring and uplifting music for these early hours of worship!

From all indications, many in our congregation have begun the year with prayer and fasting. We have given out hundreds of copies of the book Awakening  by Stovall Weems. This book that includes a 21-day devotional plan is still available for any who need one.  The sermon series for January will also be Awakening.

The year-end brought over 1800 worshippers through the doors of Shalimar UMC for Christmas Eve worship through our nine weekend worship services.  Based on the information available this would be the most people in worship for one day in Shalimar’s history. We not only had abundant services and people… the worship seemed to be extra inspiring for all! What an exciting way to close out our worship for the year!  

We ended the 2017 year not only making budget but also a record year of giving in Shalimar UMC history. We also had a record month for December. This is the second year in a row giving exceeded the budget. Thanks be to God for His faithfulness and blessings! Thank you for your generosity. And speaking of generosity, you will want to read Brian Dale’s article with exciting news regarding the new playground fund. 

We are now into 2018!   Our church will be prayerfully making plans for the future. The Master Planning Committee has selected Quina Grundhoefer Architects of Pensacola to provide a master plan for our campus. This planning will be a major initiative for our church in 2018! The impact of this planning could reach well into the future for decades to come. Please keep this planning in your prayers.  

We thank God for all the blessings He is providing for Shalimar UMC. Happy New Year! 


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