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Come Home For Christmas

We begin a new Advent series this weekend, “Come Home For Christmas.” I’m excited. This series can lead our congregation to focus on the real meaning of Christmas, CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF JESUS. We seek for everyone to come home to the greatest news of all this Christmas. We also want to invite all of our friends, neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances to be present with us during this series. It would be great to invite those who have been away from church to Come Home. We want everyone to Come Home!

What do we mean by Come Home? We need to come home from our distractions. I was out running on Brooks Bridge last month and I noticed four out of ten drivers were on their cell phones. This is scary to consider how many people drive distracted now. People today are so distracted! Attention spans are so short! Many of our hurried conversations have competing distractions going on around us. In this series, we hope to regain our focus on the BIRTH OF JESUS like a laser beam.

  • The weeks will all have simple Biblical teaching points leading us to Jesus’ Birth
  • December 1-2 Week One… Come Home to Light John 1:1-18
  • December 8-9 Week Two…Come Home to Love John 3:16-17
  • December 15-16 Week Three…Come Home to Joy Luke 1:39-45
  • December 22-23 Week Four…Come Home to Peace Luke 1:76,79
  • December 24 Christmas Eve…Come Home to Celebrate Jesus Birth Luke 2:1-7

Home is more than a house, it is our family. Home is more than a church building, it is the people. Ultimately we are all home when we are with Jesus!

We pray this series will lead us all home! Let’s focus like a laser beam on Jesus and prepare to worship the new born King!

Dr. Philip McVay

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