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Things to Know Before June 2nd - Part 3

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If you missed them, check out "Things to know before June 2" and "Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 2."

  • The question was posed to me if we do not do anything with the Master Plan, what would we miss out on as a church? Obviously, with or without the Master Plan, we would continue to seek making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and to reach, teach, and send for Jesus. Yet…I do think we would miss out on an opportunity to take a major step as a congregation. Below are my four answers to this question: what would we miss if we did nothing with the Master Plan?
  •  We would let a wonderful opportunity pass. I am not afraid of Shalimar UMC stepping out and trusting God. My greatest fear would be holding back, waiting for a better time, and letting a wonderful opportunity pass. Will moving forward with the plans require something of us? Absolutely! Will our faith be stretched? I believe we will spend a few restless days wondering how it will all work out. In the end, I trust the journey of faith more than holding back and waiting. The time is now!
  • We would miss stepping out with God. God is able to do immeasurably more than we think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Why would we not want to step out and have the most influence as a church for the Kingdom! Why would we not want to step out in the mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ?
  • We would miss an opportunity to flourish. God wants the church not only to grow but to flourish (Psalm 91). This planning comes from abundant input throughout our Congregation. The numerous people involved in this process have been chasing God’s vision to fully become the church Shalimar United Methodist is meant to be. How can we be this church if we are not bold and step out?
  • We would miss an opportunity to step up and out when such a step is long overdue. We are ready for a big step forward. The Family Life Center was the last major building initiative and that was 25 years ago.

These are some of my thoughts as to what we will miss if we do not move forward with the Master Plan.

Hope to see you at worship this week and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers this Sunday! Check out the next post "Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 4."


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Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 2

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As we move towards June 2nd to our congregational vote, I started last week with some writings entitled “Things to know before June 2.” This week I would like to share some additional thoughts. Some would ask “why embark on this master planning and building initiative?” Below are four reasons why.

  1. The time is now. The Kingdom is near. People need the good news of Jesus more than ever! Shalimar UMC has a wonderful past and now has an opportunity to stake a claim into the future. We presently have the strength to take a bold step that will facilitate more disciples both now and in the future. 1993 was the last building program. That was over 25 years ago! The opportunities for discipleship and ministry have never been greater. Let’s step out! And do it for now! For the future! The time is now! The Kingdom is near!
  2. I envision Shalimar UMC, by the year 2022, to have 1,000 persons growing as disciples meeting each week throughout our campus in classes, small groups, Sunday school classes, age-level ministries, studies, serving opportunities, and other ministry and events that are discipleship focused. These plans help us accommodate such a vision. Discipleship can happen throughout our campus in different ways. This includes worship, classes, small groups, special gatherings, events, and Bible Studies.
  3. What we do now impacts future growth! Shalimar UMC will be in Shalimar fifty years from now. What we do now impacts future generations for decades. Our church must build now for growth in the future. What we are doing now is a primer for Shalimar UMC to grow 20-25 years from now. We may not be around to see it but this is our time to make an impact! This is our time to be good stewards, be generous, and to make disciples now and think about opportunities for future generations.
  4. Some would ask “why would we build with less people in attendance over recent years? When I hear this question, I think this is precisely one of the compelling reasons to build now! Do we expect to grow by leaving things as they are? And do we expect to grow without doing something major or leaving things as they are? Now is the time our facilities can be upgraded, updated, and enhanced. As Jeremiah bought the field of Anathoth, we seek to put a stake into the future. It is time to trust God and build with confidence and claim a vibrant future of discipleship making and growing our future.

One other reason as to the why is I fully expect Shalimar UMC to grow in the future. Our congregation is vibrant and alive! I see it every day! We are currently realizing some new momentum with youth and children ministries. Our discipleship making is increasing! Already this year, we have moved into 2019 with 21 days of worship, prayer, and fasting. We followed it with a 40 day of Bible Study of Mark. This momentum is just the “tip” of the sword of things to come! We need to move forward with confidence and God will bring the growth as long as we seek Him and remain humble. The time is now to have confidence in the future.


Check out "Things to Know Before June 2nd - Part 3" and "Things to Know Before June 2nd - Part 4." Learn more about our Church Conference and the Master Planning Committee's plan here.

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Things to Know Before June 2nd

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Our congregation is considering building plans that will impact our future with a congregational vote at Church Conference on June 2nd. In the upcoming Beacons, I will include things I would like you to know before that time. Below are some of my initial thoughts.

Things to know…There will be a new FRONT ENTRANCE into a central common gathering area for the whole campus and will be connected to both the Sanctuary and Family Life Center. This front door will have multiple benefits including hospitality, function, and security. It will lead into a large gathering area where all worshippers can meet and greet each other before and after worship. This new area will be the center of our campus and offer a large hospitality space.

Things to know…Upcoming plans will bring more SECURITY to our campus. Presently, Shalimar UMC has over 60 exterior doors which make it confusing for guests, impractical in function, and unsafe for students and children. All these exterior doors add unnecessary risks to our campus. The new plan will simplify the flow of people through one major area and will reduce the use of multiple exterior doors while simplifying our security.

Things to know…Also included in the plans will be the addition of long overdue RESTROOMS. This is one of the most practical additions as they will be larger and more centrally located. We already know that our current restrooms are inadequate, inconvenient, and very inhospitable to guests. Think about it…Our traditional sanctuary building does not even have them. This means hundreds of worshippers (many with mobility issues) have to step outside the sanctuary and walk for several minutes to reach restrooms located in another building on campus. Our plans call for changes to add restrooms just steps away from both worship venues.

These new plans will help us live as one church family. Currently, we are pretty scattered throughout our campus in our worship, Sunday school, and weekly programs. Once we are able to enter through the same door, we will be encouraged to fellowship as one. Think about what a difference this could make to have a single central space where we would be less scattered and more gathered as one church family!

Next week, I will continue to add my thoughts about with "Things You Need to Know Before June 2nd - Part 2," "Things to Know Before June 2nd - Part 3," and "Things to Know Before June 2nd - Part 4."  Have a great week basking in the hope of the resurrection!


Learn more about our Church Conference and the Master Planning Committee's plan here.

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