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Cardboard City

The Cardboard City was an amazing experience for all of the adults and children involved!

We started the night with a meager meal of rice and beans. Some of the kids were not so happy but they tried it and ate some because they knew that would be it. To get into the city you had your bags searched to make sure no games, candy, or phones were present. The night was an educational night . The kids would have 30 minutes outside designing their city and then 30 minutes inside learning about homelessness.

  1. Ate our meager meal
  2. Prayer. We prayed over all of the kids for safety on their journey through homelessness. They watched a homeless man give his testimony and how scared he was sometimes. If he fell asleep people who were not so nice sometimes stole from him. He was always tired, cold and hungry
  3. 90 works representative Michael came and gave an educational talk to allow them to learn about the process of becoming self-sufficient.
  4. We watched the viral video about people who gave to the homeless things they needed from amazon. We then made cards to encourage the new members of 90 works who were in there new homes.

Each time in between we made our cardboard city.

By 12 midnight all were asleep. Only two needed to use the cold shelter we made for their comfort.

Some of the Impact on the Children and Adults Present

Neveah - She wanted everyone to know Homeless have dreams and hopes like us. She also made the small cakes box and said small cakes should give homeless people free cupcakes because that would be a real treat for them. 

Rihanna - She wanted to let everyone know that we are no different than people who are homeless. That we could be one paycheck away from being there ourselves. It is just a situation that happened and it can get better.

C.J. – He wanted us to know the God loves us all the same. No matter what the persons status we have the same love of God.

Lorenzo - He wanted people to know we can hire the Homeless and help them get better. Most really want to move on and have success.

Alexa - We need to consider others and think of how they might feel. We can make a difference with giving and helping.

Jackson - You don’t get much sleep when you are homeless. You move around a lot and people and not always nice to you.

River - God loves you no matter what. Homeless is just a situation not who you are.

Esperanza - We all have stuff to deal with. God still is with us through the stuff.

Charlie - I made a movie theater. I would like the homeless to be able to go into theaters and enjoy a movie. Something they don’t get to do. I would like people to treat them nicer.

Charlotte - We felt what it was like but they live it. We need to help others so they get help. Learning to use their money needs to be part of the lessons we teach them as well. 

As you see each got something different out of this event. It was so helpful for the awareness. Part of the journey was now to tell what you learned. It was required as part of the journey to stay till 12:30 to educate the public so although we were tired and cranky we stayed and gave all we had to educate the public.

Jennifer Guidoni

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