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All In - Burn the Ships

Read All In by Mark Batterson, chapters 16-17.

Hebrews 12:1-3, Genesis 6, Hebrews 11:7, Judges 3:31, 5:6, Isaiah 6:1-8, Judges 6:11-18, Exodus 3:4-14

"Nine times out of ten, failure is resorting to Plan B when Plan A gets too risky, too costly, or too difficult."

Read Judges 3:31, 5:6 and Isaiah 6:1-8.

  • How can saying, "Here I am, send me" be the start of a new adventure of faith?
  • What is your next step in your journey of following God with passion and commitment?
  • How can you ask someone to support you with prayer and accountability

Read Judges 6:11-18, Exodus 3:4-14.

  • What are some excuses Moses made when God called him?
  • What excuses are you making?
  • How can you overcome these excuses?
  • How do you see yourself glorifying God if you burned all the excuses and stuck with Plan A?
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