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A Request for a Church Wide Deed of Shalom

Rev. Craig Carter called me Tuesday and was following up on my offer to help Lynn Haven United Methodist Church in this time following Hurricane Michael. They are worshipping in their parking lot and the people really love to stay and fellowship after the service. This koinonia (deeper fellowship) really rallies their spirits each time they are together as they cope in their community of such massive destruction. I appreciate Craig making a specific suggestion of how we could help. He went on to say that meals after worship mean so much to their people right now. Craig asked me if Shalimar UMC would consider sponsoring a meal following their worship on a Sunday. This would mean feeding about 500 people. I told him I thought we could make that happen! After all, we serve the God of the loaves and fishes.

After the call, I immediately called our church chef, Heyward Mckenzie. Heyward quickly and with confidence said, “we can make that happen.” We brainstormed for a few minutes and agreed to talk again on Wednesday. The next day I called Heyward again and he suggested we provide a Thanksgiving Feast the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving which is November 18th. I thought this was a great idea. I called Craig and he loved the idea.

The plan, which came about “quick and nimble” is to sponsor a meal for 500 worshipers as a deed of shalom from our church to their church on November 18. How can we help?

#1 We can volunteer to be on a team of about 15 people to travel on this day to Lynn Haven. This will include transporting the food and helping Heyward as needed. Also, it will offer a chance to offer hospitality while serving this congregation.
#2 We can give financially to help sponsor this meal. It would be great if people in our church gave enough to underwrite whatever costs are incurred with this meal. We are in the midst of our “WILL YOU GROW” campaign and this gives us an opportunity to grow in our giving and action.
#3 We can pray for Lynn Haven UMC and all churches dealing with catastrophic loss from Hurricane Michael and the challenges ahead in recovery.
#4 We can use our capacity to be “quick and nimble” in generosity and to bless others through what God can do through our church. The scripture teaches (Luke 12:48) “to whom much is given much is required.” Shalimar UMC has been given much and is blessed to be a blessing to others.

What a great opportunity to show our love in a church wide “deed of shalom” from one church to another. If you would like to help contact Pastor Brian at 651-0721. Thank you for your generosity in advance!


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