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12x12 Orientation Sessions This Week

I had no idea what to expect two years ago when 12x12 began. Since then, we’ve had twelve people meet over thirty times and grow in our discipleship and leadership. Meeting together, this team exceeded my expectations! Last year expectations were exceeded and in February, we will begin our third year of 12x12 with another team!

What is 12x12? It is a program designed to recapture our Biblical and historical roots. Jesus began with twelve disciples that formed the church and changed the world. John Wesley organized class meetings (small groups) that laid the foundation for the birth of Methodism. Today, there are still a great many possibilities when a small team grows in discipleship and leadership together.

The general expectation is to meet for twelve months once a week for two hours with holiday and other breaks scheduled throughout the year. 12x12 is a high commitment and attendance is expected unless prevented.

During each session we will seek to learn and grow in our discipleship together. We will also grow in leadership and in identifying and using our gifts for God. We will encourage each other, dream together, and hold each other accountable with love. 12x12 seeks to be exponential and invites participants to form their own teams, renew existing teams or chase God sized dreams.

If you want to know more about 12x12 there are two orientations this week. The first will be on Monday, January 14, at 5pm in the chapel. The second will be on Wednesday, January 16, at 7pm in Room 106. Come check it out and see if 12x12 is something for you this New Year! The plans are to launch our new 12x12 team in February!


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