Meals on Wheels

Elder Services of Okaloosa County was established in 1971 by a group of concerned volunteers. The first Meals on Wheels program was funded by the local United Way.

The nutritionally balanced meals are prepared and delivered Monday through Friday during lunch time. This service is available to elderly, handicapped or recuperating persons in Okaloosa County. The cost per meal is $4.50 and includes salad, bread, main entree, milk and dessert. Meals on Wheels program is made possible through the hard work and dedication of volunteers without assistance from the federal government.

The number of deliveries varies each day/week. If a person is unable to meet the financial requirement to receive a meal, the staff does not turn them away but will ask for a donation to help offset costs. There are some instances where no monies are available, yet they will still receive a delivery.

Approximately 20 years ago, Jeanne Purdy, quietly brought Meals on Wheels to SUMC as  an opportunity to serve in the local community. Each week, a set of volunteers heads to the Council of Aging to pack a prepared hot meal for neighbors who are confined to their homes.

The local chapter of Meals on Wheels is not federally funded and rely on donations from the community. The number of deliveries varies each week between 11-6 seniors. Each meal honors  special dietary needs and consists of a protein, veg/starch, salad, milk, bread, and dessert/fruit.

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