Cuba Missions



Shalimar has been actively involved in sending missionaries to Cuba for the past 4 years.  Typically, we send a team of no more than 12 missionaries, to evangelize with the Cuban Methodist community, work on projects such as building parsonages, temples, etc. and put on VBS for the kids.  We also visit the Methodist Old Folks home, the Methodist Seminary in Havana, and our Sister Church in Guatao.  We continue to build a lasting relationship with our Cuban Brothers and Sisters.

The Cuban Trips are typically during the summer months…. this coming year 2018 it will be in July.  We normally spend 10-12 days on the trip.  Trip costs have maintained around $1300 per person for the last 3 years.  Amount of the trip varies on transportation costs.

Missionaries are expected to help with collecting donations, needed tools, supplies and craft materials.  Once collected we spend time packing during our trip preparation.  Each Missionary is assigned a job, like, manage devotions, photographer, music coordinator, construction manager, finance support, donation coordinator, packing manager and gift coordinator.  It is truly a team effort!

For more information contact the Cuban Mission Coordinator:


Cuban Mission Coordinator

Pete Peters  | 703-395-2437 |     

“Let your little Light Shine, step out of your comfort zone and help someone in need!"


Ceigo Property

Current status of Ceigo Methodist Church


2017 Cuba Mission Trip

Photos from Shalimar UMC 2017 mission trip to Cuba.


Annual Cuba Seminary Support
April, 2016 Visit by Pastor Andres