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Micro Groups

10/18/17 | Home Groups, Sowing

Micro Groups


    J.D. Walt writes in his introduction to Awaken, a group of 3-5 people is a good size for a true, heart-to-heart talk. If we want to get real with people, we need to make space for 20 minutes of conversation per person to talk about what's going on with his or her soul. That is hard to do when you have more than 5 people. 20 minutes per person, with 3 people it is 60 minutes, with 5 it is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Having too many people in this type of group means that you don't have space for people to really talk about what is needed. J.D. writes that the goals are:

    • To strengthen our power through the Holy Spirit
    • Christ to dwell in our hearts
    • To be rooted and established in love
    • Filled with the fullness of God


    Yes, we are in a day and age where men and women are equal. And yes, we can talk about all sorts of issues in front of each other. But shame is a hard thing to talk about in front of anyone. Sometimes, it is hardest to talk about in front of our spouse or someone of the opposite gender out of fear of judgement. We don't want to be seen as weak. We need to create space for everyone to be vulnerable and to share.


    Yes! "The test of discipleship is whether it leads to outside action," (Awaken, p. ix). A person could know every passage in the Bible, but if his or her actions aren't changed by the knowledge, than discipleship hasn't occurred. By creating a safe space for people to share their spiritual struggles, we are also creating a safe space for questions as they grow in their faith, increasing their spiritual death and all layers of discipleship.

    Whether you like it or not, read and pray daily. It is for your life; there is no other way; else you will be a trifler all your days. -John Wesley, Letter to John Trembath


    It's your time to create a group. What you study is up to you. We are here to help though. Go find 2-4 friends (plus you of course). Pick a time and place to meet. You're all set. Seedbed is committed to helping further our Wesleyan heritage. They have developed a free app and lots of studies in the app to help small groups of 3-5 grow through this model. Wesley called this type of group a Band. At Shalimar, we call them Micro-Small Groups. They are small but they are powerful.

    Once you create a group, contact us and let us know, so we can support you in your journey.