Baptism Weekend

We are excited to have a church wide baptism emphasis weekend coming up. Although we do baptisms in the church any weekend of the year, we feel it's important to call special attending to baptism at specific times.

One of our first responsibilities as Christians is to make disciples and baptize "them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

We will be emphasizing baptism in all 5 of our weekend services and at FUSION the youth worship service. We are also bringing in an immersion tank to the Family Life Center so we can do immersion and pouring for the services taking place there.

If you are interested in being baptized, we would love to talk with you more. If you aren't sure if baptism is right for you, please contact Pastor Faith. You can call or text her at 850-420-988. You can also set up an appointment online to meet with Pastor Faith.

If you're ready to be baptized, please fill out this form, and Pastor Faith will be in contact with you.