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Esther: Standing Firm in an Unfaithful Culture

8/11/19 | Sermon Series Study, Growing, Studying the Bible | by Rev. Brian Dale | by Rev. Faith Parry | by Rev. Philip McVay | by Betty Doyle

Esther: Standing Firm in an Unfaithful Culture

    As school starts back, it's time to focus on how we can grow in our faith, stand firm upon what we believe, and remember that God is always there. Sometimes we're in situations we don't expect to be in, but that doesn't change that God has a plan for us.

    Join us as our pastors preach on the book of Esther. We have small groups who are are studying the book along side the sermon series. It's a great time to strengthen your faith.

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    We'd love for you or your group to join us for the study of Esther. If you're not in a group, consider joining one of the groups above, or you can form your own group. Now group leading experience? That's ok. Our kit has everything you need to get started. Fill out the form below

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    Learn with us how God can use all of us, ordinary people to do his perfect work.

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